Kings Matric School
Boarding & Day School
There are many good reasons why boarding school (Residential School) can transform your child’s life, but one of the most practical is the opportunity to become proficient in English. Most of the world’s top international boarding schools use English – the global language that dominates business, science and cultural worlds. 

The younger a student is exposed to the language, the easier it is to learn it, and immersion has been proven to be the most effective method. English proficiency will open windows of opportunity for your son or daughter for the rest of their life. It will widen their horizons tremendously and will give them the confidence and ability to work in their chosen profession anywhere in the English speaking world. For students who already have the English skills, top boarding schools provide an international perspective that they won’t encounter anywhere else. Lifelong friendships are forged, and many of these friendships will provide international connections. 

Top boarding schools also offer a range of other benefits which you would not find at regular schools, such as small class sizes that help teachers provide individual attention and encourage participation. Students at boarding schools generally get more opportunity to interact with teachers before school, after school and during extra study sessions. This can often be reflected in the depth of subject offerings and out of school activities. The range of activities in the arts and sports for example can be far more wide-ranging than anything available in regular schools. Having a definite structure in the Boarding schools, children learn to be independent and efficient with their time management skills. As such it would be a fresh start as well for students who might have not had this opportunity at home. In short, these are all things that will give your child a greater chance to find a place for their future career and prepare themselves for a brighter tomorrow.

Choosing a good quality school for your child is absolutely critical. For this you need to match the needs of your child with the culture of the school that you decide to send them to.

Kings School is now recognised as one of the highest achieving boarding and day schools with its excellent facilities, staff and broad range of opportunities offered. It is a safe haven you can trust to care for and educate your child.