Kings Matric School
Boarding & Day School
Kings School has excellent Boarding Facilities for both boys and girls. The accommodation is modern, comfortable and functional and represents a "home away from home" atmosphere for all Boarders. Children are cared for by experienced and caring boarding staff supported by Matrons who attend to clothes, laundry and cleanliness. All houses have good bathroom and washing facilities and have a comfortable sitting room with TV.

During their leisure time, at weekends and in the evenings, children are free to participate in various activities the school provides for their own enjoyment. Lasting friendships are developed from sharing these experiences. The Boarding children learn to be independent and responsible with excellent time management skills. 

Loyal and committed staff members are fully involved seven days a week, encouraging and overseeing a wide range of activities as well as supporting the children’s studies according to their individual needs. The continuity offered by our boarding staff allow our boarders to feel comfortable, well cared for and able to talk freely about any concerns. 

Extra academic tuition is given to all the boarders during morning and evening study, especially students in Std X and XII. Children who are identified as having a weakness in a particular subject are given individual specific attention. Every morning the children partake in exercise and after school they can chose to participate in a particular sport such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis and beach volleyball. On Sundays they are given the opportunity to go for a swim. During the weekends, the children have cafeteria programmes such as movie shows, outings, camping 

Sick Bay: Kings School is equipped with a 24 hour sick bay and a fully qualified nurse who is always readily available on the campus. If a Doctor is needed, the nurse will not hesitate to consult the local Doctor immediately. The school has an on-call-doctor who will visit the school as and when required. Emergency transport facilities are available on the campus round the clock.and trekking to make the students feel at home and to keep them entertained.