Kings Matric School
Boarding & Day School
Kings School is a place where a wealth of talent is available and the School uses these talents in earnest. Our School not only encourages students but also moulds their characters to shine in competitions. Our students learn to utilise each and every opportunity that knocks at their door.

These platforms are provided for our children through various competitions all through the school from Pre-KG to Standards IX and XI (students of std X & XII are exempted as they have to concentrate on their Public exams).

Each and every student who participates in the various competitions undertakes these challenges with great enthusiasm. They help improve confidence and communication skills. Apart from academics, all individual talents are supported by our school. We believe that each child is born with a unique talent.

Internal competitions lay a strong foundation that allows them the opportunity to win trophies from various competitions, giving them confidence in their abilities. Their participation enhances their knowledge and empowers their skills.

External competitions also play a large part in allowing students to progress from competing against their own school to competing against other schools and even other districts! We participate in competitions such as the INSPIRE awards, the Pegasus Competition, Young Scientist Awards and the Hilton Show Fest, all of which we have achieved some very successful results from.