Kings Matric School
Boarding & Day School
At Kings Matriculation School, we believe in offering as many opportunities as possible to students who wish to take their knowledge even further.

 Philately (Stamp Collecting):

Kings stamp collectors share and learn about stamps from various countries and are encouraged to collect stamps from various countries. Furthermore, this inspires them to collectively learn more about other countries and cultures such their histories and famous prominent leaders.

 Computer Club:

In our computer club, members are given particular topics to research. They learn about various software programmes and technological advancements beyond what is taught in the classroom.

 Chess Club:

The Chess Club forces students to think and use maximum concentration power to plan ahead and play. Kings has a very strong team, and our chess players often compete in external competitions.

  Table Tennis:

Our skilled table tennis players also compete externally. They meet outside of school hours to practise their skill and agility, teaching each other and building team work skills.

 English Literary Club:

The English Literary Club was organised with the intention to build up communicative English skills. The group rehearse plays and performances; learn about how to present themselves on stage; enact characters; practise their expressions and lots more.

 Tamil Literary Club:

This club was introduced to enhance Tamil speaking skills and teach members correct grammatical language. They participate in discussions on various topics such as Thirukkurals and Tamil poems and poets.

 Hindi Literary Club:

The Hindi Literary Club allows pupils to learn Hindi and enforces this using story-telling, character re-enactment and dialogues so they learn both grammatical knowledge and cultural presentation.

 Quiz Club:

Kings’ quiz club is held to encourage pupils to read about world current affairs and keep themselves updated. They are taught how to succeed in quiz competitions, think on the spot and conduct themselves under pressure.