Kings Matric School
Boarding & Day School
Here at Kings School, we pride ourselves in igniting and investigating our student’s originality and individualism. We believe that curiosity and imagination are the first steps towards realising our creativity. The importance of creativity is that it forms talents which open the doors to many possibilities in life.

Therefore we provide our students with as many different activity choices as we can, bringing their non-curricular talents to the surface.

Children at Kings Matric School are offered a wide range of activities. These include Classical Dance, Carnatic, Western Dance, Roller Skating, Art, Sculpture, Handicraft, Kung-Fu, Swimming, Vocal, Sewing and Home Science. We have special coaching masters who come to train students in these activities. Children are encouraged to enter inter school and District level competitions. Activities take place on Tuesdays and Fridays within timetabled school hours.

No.ActivitiesStd. I & IIStd. III & IVStd. V & VIStd. VII - IX
1Classical Dance
2Western Dance
4Kung Fu
5Roller Skating
6Folk Dance